Lovely comments for Sarah and Becky for their ante and postnatal care of C and H. 2021

‘We feel extremely lucky to have had Sarah and Becky look after us on our transition to being new parents – we were blown away by the level of service and support we received, and the extent and responsiveness of their clinical, emotional, and practical care. Sarah offers superb midwifery care with regular check-ups and health education sessions for both mum and baby – and her extensive experience meant that we felt reassured that everything was going well and our and physical health was both being monitored closely and maximised by an expert who had really taken the time to understand us and got to know us and could give tailored advice.
Sarah and Becky also prepared us very well for birth with holistic education including the biological processes and how they might be experienced in practice, all aspects of pain relief, and practical techniques we could use during birth. All of the preparation, and having Becky with us for the birth itself, ensured it was a very positive and calm experience for all of us, and we couldn’t imagine a better way for our daughter to have entered the world.
The aspect of the care we received that was most transformational for us was the postnatal care, and the support on how to look after our baby. Sarah and Becky were on hand round the clock in the first month to guide us through getting started with breastfeeding, understanding baby behaviour, recovery from the birth, coping with sleep deprivation, and looking after our baby including how to bath her, wear her in a sling and baby first aid. Their support meant we were able to quickly gain confidence as parents. Knowing that nothing was too much trouble for them, and that all our concerns and questions would be addressed reduced our stress and ensured we could focus on bonding with our daughter. It was the best start and beyond what we could have ever hoped for.
We cannot thank Sarah and Becky enough for all they have done for us at this special but also challenging time in our lives, and we feel confident recommending them to anyone considering private care.’