Our Services

We provide a range of services which are broadly outlined  below. These are available as an Antenatal or Postnatal package, or combined as an Antenatal and Birth package, or an Antenatal, Birth and Postnatal package.  We do not provide a Birth package alone. One-off antenatal and postnatal appointments are available.


  • Sarah will visit you at home before the baby is born with the number of visits appropriate to your need
  • These visits will cover the routine antenatal maternal and foetal checks , but also encompass general physiological and psychological well -being such as diet, exercise, relaxation techniques, maximising optimal foetal positioning, movement in birth, perineal massage, creating a care paln/s for the birth, all kinds of practical advice, emotional support and any aspect of antenatal education pertaining to your individual needs.
  • We can arrange blood tests, scans and referrals as required
  • We can arrange testing for Group B strep which the NHS does not routinely provide
  • We can accompany you to any hospital appointments
  • We can arrange hospital tours if you decide to give birth in hospital
  • We will also create a What’s App group so you can access immediate advice between appointments and we aim to get back to you within the hour to answer any questions or address any worries.


  • Becky will attend you alongside the NHS midwife from your local homebirth team if you decide to birth at home. She will prepare your home for a home birth.
  • Becky will support you in early labour at home prior to going into hospital if you decide on a hospital birth, where she will become your birth assistant and advocate.
  • We will help prepare you practically and emotionally if you require an induction of labour or an elective caesarean section, and help establish breastfeeding immediately afterwards in hospital.
  • We have a range of equipment we can lend you such as birth pools, TENS machines, hospital grade breast pumps etc.


  • We will help you establish breastfeeding. We will be on hand whilst you establish the art and will support you through the early days.
  • We can also offer breastfeeding support packages as a separate service.
  • We will support your choice if you wish to bottle feed, as not all women choose to breast feed.
  • We will continue to visit you at home postnatally for around 28 days, checking on both your own and your baby’s health and progress.  We will continue with post natal education such as bathing your baby, breastfeeding positions, baby massage and post birth exercises.
  • We will help establish links with you and your local community

Becky Talbot – Doula

My Services

As a doula, I am able to accompany you (and your partner) through the process of preparing for birth, and support you during labour and birth. I can also support you in the first weeks after birth and will visit once or twice when the baby is born. I can draw on my knowledge and experience, to provide you with emotional support and physical comfort measures. If the need arises I can help you communicate with your midwife and medical providers to ensure that you have all the information you need to make informed decisions during pregnancy, labour, bonding and early parenting. I can make suggestions for planning and preparing for your birth including emotional and physical health throughout your pregnancy and those early days with your new baby, help alongside your midwife in writing a birth plan, and creating a nurturing, bonding environment for your family.

I always provide two full antenatal sessions tailored to meet your needs, and can also help you to prepare any older children for the arrival of your new baby. I am happy to accompany you to any hospital appointments, and am available throughout your pregnancy for phone calls/texts/visits should the need arise. I will be on-call for you from 37 to 42 weeks when you can call me 24 hours a day.

I can provide:

• A package of Doula and independent midwife support (as part of Cambridge Midwives)
• Private hypnobirthing classes.
• Birthlight active birth preparation.
• Impromptu birth doula service – on occasion I have been called upon by women who suddenly require the support of a doula, either during or just before labour begins. This can be for a variety of unplanned reasons. Even though we have not built the antenatal relationship, I have experienced instant rapport with these women and been able to positively support them through their labour and birth.

If you require this service please phone me on 07852347001

Thank you so much for all your care and support throughout my pregnancy. You have both looked after us so well. Your help and advice has ensured the pregnancy went smoothly and our baby arrived safe and well. I feel very lucky that i have shared this experience with both of you. My recovery has been so much better than with all the other babies and I think this is largely due to your care.

C and P