Why a Private Midwife?

As a private midwife Sarah is able to offer you an individualised service leading to a satisfying childbirth experience. Research has shown that qualities of a ‘good birth’ depend upon one midwife following each woman throughout her care, developing a trusting relationship on a one to one basis (Freeman and Griew, 2007).

Such continuity of care and carer has been shown to reduce women’s need for pain relief in labour and to improve birth outcomes (Sheena Byrom, Independent midwifery advisor, best-selling author and OBE). As with all midwives, I aim for normality. Statistics show that obstetric interventions are decreased, whilst the caesarean section rate is reduced to 10% (28% national average) with an independent midwife (Dahlen, 2012). Postnatally, continuity has been shown to increase the breastfeeding rate and reduce the risk of postnatal depression (NCT, 2010). Research also shows that a positive birth experience following a traumatic one may have a ‘redemptive’ effect (Ayers et al., 2008).

I believe women should be informed by current evidence based research enabling them to make personal choices regarding their care. We offer care tailored to meet your family’s requirement in your own home and at times to suit you and your partner. The new Birthplace Cochrane Review, NICE Intrapartum guidelines (2014), and The Lancet series on Midwifery (2014) all promote woman centred care at home with time to care.

I am registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council and work according to their Midwives Rules and Standards and Professional Code of Conduct.

Giving birth with Siobhan and Sarah by my side is an experience I wish for every woman to have.
They are nurturing and warm yet highly knowledgeable and professional. The really special thing about them is their ability to deeply connect with the mothers they work with resulting in an open, safe and caring relationship where you know you are well looked after. You feel their genuine care and astute attention to every detail regarding your birth; you can totally relax at this sometimes stressful time knowing you are in safe hands. They believe in you and your ability to birth naturally, whilst knowing specialised tricks of the trade to smooth out any rough points such as natural induction tips and how to beat post-natal depression! I loved being tucked into bed by them with a cup of tea after birth and really appreciated the hectic times post birth when they would turn up with food!! I really could go on and would be happy to give more details to anyone interested. Their care is worth so much more than they charge and not comparable in any way to a birth with the NHS. I had a safe, simple and gentle homebirth and now have a relaxed, calm and beautiful baby girl. I’m forever grateful to them, not only for their care and expertise but also their genuine love xxx

Joy G.