Charlotte, James and baby Tabitha
Charlotte, James and baby Tabitha

You will receive regular, tailor-made appointments following the birth of your baby. The standard pattern of visits is frequent in the first week and the length of the appointment is variable, depending on the needs and feeding support required. The frequency of visits gradually decreases up to 28 days, when we will say good-bye.
A typical post natal schedule will include home visits lasting 60-90 mins on Day 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13,15,18,21, 25, and day 28, with more visits if you are struggling

During the postnatal period we will be on hand to guide you through all aspects of new parenting, and can deal with any concerns you may have.

We will remain on call for you, throughout this time, ensuring that you remain confident in the transition to parenting.

One off appointments can be made if your routine postnatal care does meet your requirements e.g. breastfeeding support. These are subject to availability.krista-baby


‘Don’t know where to begin as words can’t quite describe our gratitude to Cambridge Midwives. When we booked several months into pregnancy, I never even remotely comprehended how crucial it would be for all of us. Birth itself was of course important, but all the limitless support, words of wisdom, calming down the inevitable fears, loads of super useful tips for weeks before and after birth are even more important.. But above all that is Siobhan’s incredible personality: she radiates calm, confidence, motherly feel. If we could wish a perfect midwife, she would be an exact copy of Siobhan, would not have changed a thing. PS. We did not get to know Sarah as well, but she is fantastic too, they are an excellent pair’.

Max S.