Becky will support you throughout your labour and birth. A relationship of mutual trust is built up during the antenatal period when continuity of carer is provided and at Cambridge Midwives we continue this care through labour and birth, making this special time feel more personal and private. Such care further empowers parents, helping them to fully prepare for their new arrival. In addition, research has shown that women are more relaxed, need less pain relief and labour more efficiently when attended by a midwife whom they know.

At Cambridge Midwives, we support homebirth, believing women feel more in control when in their own homes. Indeed, fathers often report feeling more involved following a homebirth. We will also prepare your home for the births.
Here is an article written by one of our lovely clients about her recent homebirth –  http://www.joyfulbirthbaby.com/baby-sofias-birth-story/

If a couple choose to have their baby within the hospital setting,NHS midwives will encourage them to stay at home for as long as they feel able. In this situation, Becky will support you while at home, then continue this support and act as your advocate within the hospital settin6g, either within the Midwifery Led unit or Obstetric Led Unit of your chosen NHS hospital. Likewise, if you opt for an elective Caesarean we can act as your advocate in the Delivery Unit or pre and post theatre.


I can wholeheartedly say that my homebirth was magical and that was all down to having Siobhan by my side. From the moment we met, Siobhan felt like a good friend – I could talk to her about anything. Siobhan is caring, fun, personable, knowledgeable, a true professional and always at the end of the phone. As a first-time mother, pregnancy is fear of the unknown. It can be a time of stress and deep concerns for you and your partner. Siobhan reassured us and removed all those fears at every step – the months leading up to the big event, during the birth and, just as importantly, the weeks after.