Private midwives are fully qualified, registered midwives who have undergone the same level of midwifery education and training as their NHS colleagues. The difference is simply that we have chosen to provide care outside of the NHS giving women and their families one-to-one, women-centred care. As experts in providing care, we are able to recognise any deviation from the normal and can refer appropriately should this be required.

‘Don’t know where to begin as words can’t quite describe our gratitude to Cambridge Midwives. When we booked several months into pregnancy, I never even remotely comprehended how crucial it would be for all of us. Birth itself was of course important, but all the limitless support, words of wisdom, calming down the inevitable fears, loads of super useful tips for weeks before and after birth are even more important.. But above all that is Siobhan’s incredible personality: she radiates calm, confidence, motherly feel. If we could wish a perfect midwife, she would be an exact copy of Siobhan, would not have changed a thing. PS. We did not get to know Sarah as well, but she is fantastic too, they are an excellent pair’.

Max S.