Private midwives are fully qualified, registered midwives who have undergone the same level of midwifery education and training as their NHS colleagues. The difference is simply that we have chosen to provide care outside of the NHS giving women and their families one-to-one, women-centred care. As experts in providing care, we are able to recognise any deviation from the normal and can refer appropriately should this be required.

Siobhan has delivered two of my six children and was there not only to guide and ensure that my experiences were as amazing as possible, but to hold my hand if this was needed whilst also being mindful of my husband’s feelings, too. At one of the most vulnerable times in a woman’s life she was able to help me feel in control and a part of decision-making whilst containing any worries that we may have had when considering what was best for baby and me…thank you, Siobhan

Jess L-P